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Suntak Electronics

Dalian Suntak Electronics Co., Ltd. is the largest single-sided printed circuit board manufacturing enterprise in Northern China .The enterprise was founded in February 2004 with the registered capital of 12 million RMB and the total investment is 120 million RMB.


The new factory of the company was completed in December 2011.The new factory covers an area of 40,000M2。 The annual production capacity is 1,200,000M2. The factory is fully equipped with the manufacturing capacity of the single-sided printed circuit board and it owns the most advanced production equipment, major materials and supporting materials.


The factory has already got the certifications of UL, ISO9001, ISO14001, and CQC etc.


Company is suitable for the electronics industry development needs, in line with year after year has been guiding the development of thinking on their own success in achieving a robust operation, and steady development of the strategic goal of full adoption of advanced production technology, products from a high quality in order to complete systems and testing equipment to ensure the stability of the production process and product quality, quality control personnel on the production of the final inspection process and strict quality control, factory electrical performance products undergo a rigorous inspection to ensure product quality, product and all targets were achieved national peer-advanced level.


Dalian Suntak willing to redouble their efforts to, as always, a sincere return care and support of our community, willing to work with people of insight to create a beautiful tomorrow!

Quality policy: "Improving technical accuracy, adherence to quality standards, continuous innovation to meet customer needs."

Business philosophy: "the people's quality is the quality assurance and candid communication is the basis of cooperation and common development is the goal to pursue."

Led aluminum substrate
Material:Aluminum substrate
Minimum line width/Pitch:0.20mm/0.20mm
Surface Technology:OSP
Led Light board
Minimum line width/Pitch:0.20mm/0.20mm
Surface Technology:OSP
Power Plate
Minimum line width/Pitch:0.3/0.3mm
Surface Technology:Rosin
DVD laser head board
Minimum line width/Pitch:0.2/0.2mm
Surface Technology:Immersion Gold
Printer substrate
Minimum line width/Pitch:0.3/0.3mm
Surface Technology:OSP
Electronic Lock substrate
Minimum line width/Pitch:0.2/0.2mm
Surface Technology:OSP
Car Audio Control Board
Material:FR1 halogen-free
Minimum line width/Pitch:0.2/0.2MM
Surface Technology:OSP
Conductive Carbon Oil button board
Minimum line width/Pitch:0.2/0.2mm
Surface Technology:OSP、Carbon oil
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